Sound Is Listening

Sound Is Listening

Sound is listening is an all inclusive sound healing and lifestyle design wellness coaching. KelliAnna is a Trauma therapist specializing in helping people identify & heal their past trauma, together with Jeremy they conduct their sonic nourishment sessions for healing using sound to resonate with our internal vibrations and promoting healing and love. Jeremy is a certified sound healer with a deep passion rooted in science & nutrition to find the best solutions to allow people to step into their full potential.

KelliAnna & Jeremy first reached out to me to tell the why of their sound baths, we very quickly connected on our love of all things health & wellness. When the time came for them to launch their coaching program we produced an incredible set of videos including a short from This is my why, medium form 3 minute deeper dive into their program, and finally a set of Client testimonials. Given that this was produced in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, the concept we landed on for the majority of the testimonials was to record them over Zoom, though not how you're probably thinking. Enjoy this set of videos for Sound is Listening.

"I can’t recommend Brandon highly enough. We’ve had the privilege to work with him on a few projects and have always been blown away by the quality of the work he’s produced."
"Brandon creates thoughtful and intentional creative content and applies his personal style to our brand aesthetic... Brandon's creative technique is productive, intuitive, and aligned exactly to what our brand stands for."
"Brandon is one of the most delightful people to work with.  Not only is he an expert at his craft, he truly cares about your vision as the client, and has an ability to see it through... He will make you feel like you are having a conversation with an old friend with each session."
"Without hesitation, Brandon volunteered his time and talents to photograph our new and improved Luke Light... He went above and beyond to capture additional shots requested by stakeholders and tape an invaluable product operation video."
"We hired Brandon to shoot a series of time lapse sequences of our headquarters downtown. It was short notice and required a fast turnaround time, and Brandon delivered better than expected."
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