This Is My Why

Personal Project

The "This Is My Why" project is a personal experiment that I started February 2020 as a way to find the connection behind what makes people tick. As someone who's working in the marketing world, filled with the smartest minds who are crafting incredible stories to pull at your heart strings I knew there was something deeper to why all this worked. After an audit of my favorite products and services I came to this phrase that has stuck in my head ever since, "Humans connect with humans, not things. Every product, service, and experience promotes a lifestyle that when we buy into it gives us the feeling of belonging to that community, advertising to our basic needs for human connection." My Why is to share human stories. I believe that everyone has an incredible and unique story that has the ability to inspire greatness in anyone that hears it. Enjoy this collection of "This Is My Why" stories and keep coming back as it grows.

"I can’t recommend Brandon highly enough. We’ve had the privilege to work with him on a few projects and have always been blown away by the quality of the work he’s produced."
"Brandon creates thoughtful and intentional creative content and applies his personal style to our brand aesthetic... Brandon's creative technique is productive, intuitive, and aligned exactly to what our brand stands for."
"Brandon is one of the most delightful people to work with.  Not only is he an expert at his craft, he truly cares about your vision as the client, and has an ability to see it through... He will make you feel like you are having a conversation with an old friend with each session."
"Without hesitation, Brandon volunteered his time and talents to photograph our new and improved Luke Light... He went above and beyond to capture additional shots requested by stakeholders and tape an invaluable product operation video."
"We hired Brandon to shoot a series of time lapse sequences of our headquarters downtown. It was short notice and required a fast turnaround time, and Brandon delivered better than expected."
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